Tooth Bonding

Tooth Bonding in Montgomery, AL

Composite dentistry has evolved significantly in the previous two decades. At Bell Road Family Dentistry, we use composite fillings that are wear-resistant and resemble the look and texture of your teeth. When you meet Dr. Brandt Smith for tooth bonding, you expect strong, durable restoration.

 We understand that tooth decay is a big problem for adults and kids. If minor cracks, chips, or gaps make your teeth more prone to decay or you have small discoloration spots you want to hide, tooth bonding is a viable solution. Our resin-based flings provide several years of function and can excellently manage aesthetic and trauma concerns.

What Concerns Can Bonding Address?

Tooth bonding in Montgomery, AL, can help resolve various issues, including functional and health-related concerns. We use bonding to:

  • Seal cavities and tooth decay
  • Hide discoloration on teeth
  • Seal spaces between teeth
  • Repair broken, misshapen, chipped, and worn teeth

Tooth Bonding Process

When you get to our dental office, our dentist near you checks and cleans the mouth. A shade is selected using a guide to get a material with a color or shade similar to natural teeth. The dentist prepares the teeth receiving dental bonding. The tooth is roughened, and a special liquid is applied to condition it, helping ensure the bonding material sticks to the surface firmly.

We then apply the resin material that features a putty-like consistency. Our dentist in Montgomery, AL, molds and smoothens the material to get the desired shape. We do curing to harden the resin, allowing it to bond properly to the tooth’s surface.

Last, we polish the tooth to get a natural appearance and shine. It is a procedure that lasts about 30 to 60 minutes for each tooth. Dental bonding is gentle because a dentist doesn’t get to the areas where tooth nerves are housed. Sometimes, we don’t even need to use anesthesia for the procedure.

Contact Bell Road Family Dentistry to allow Dr. Brandt Smith to inspect your mouth and establish whether tooth bonding near you can help.