Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry in Montgomery, AL

Many people visiting Bell Road Family Dentistry come to seek emergency tooth pain relief. Dental emergencies can be difficult to prepare for, but it is prudent to get help immediately. If you are in pain, waiting until next week to seek treatment will be difficult. Our emergency dentist in Montgomery, AL, is available when you want help before your situation worsens. We offer emergency dentistry in Montgomery, AL, to:

  • Repair cracked or damaged teeth
  • Repair an orthodontic device
  • Manage and treat tooth pain
  • Extract a tooth
  • Treat a tooth infection
  • Replace lost or loose fillings

We handle numerous dental emergencies, including:

Extreme Tooth Pain

We can help stop pain arising from decay or tooth infection. We detect the cause and provide immediate relief before further treatment is conducted. Try to rinse out the mouth using warm salty water, and if facial swelling occurs, use a cold compress since it helps provide temporary relief before visiting our dental office.

Knocked-Out Tooth

Among the upsetting emergencies you can face is a knocked-out tooth. It requires prompt care to stand a chance of having the tooth saved. Our dentist in Montgomery, AL, will try to salvage the tooth where possible. Visit us within an hour after the tooth has been smashed out. Remember to avoid handling the tooth by its roots to prevent transferring bacteria into the mouth when reinserted.

Chipped or Cracked Teeth

Having a chipped or cracked tooth makes it vulnerable to decay and infection. We offer tooth repairs such as fillings and dental crowns to avert further problems and future extraction needs.

Soft Tissue Injuries

You can contact our office if you have a mouth injury involving the tongue, lips, or cheeks. Letting mouth injuries remain unchecked can result in an infection. If the pain is associated with the injuries, you must address it.

Contact Bell Road Family Dentistry today if an emergency has arisen. Our dentist near you is ready to relieve pain and ensure your condition is handled carefully to normalize everything before more specialized treatment is provided.