TMJ & TMD Treatment

TMJ/TMD Treatment in Montgomery, AL

Do you need jaw pain treatment? If so, consider heading to your local dentist in Montgomery. Jaw pain can be caused by teeth grinding, a misaligned bite, stress, or injuries. Seeking prompt medical attention at a dentist near you can help alleviate discomfort and prevent further complications.

Symptoms and Causes of TMJ and TMD

Common symptoms of TMJ and TMD include jaw pain, headaches, facial pain, and restricted jaw movement. We recommend patients head to their local dental clinic for further evaluation as its severity will vary between patients, and various factors can cause it.

Orthodontic Treatments for TMJ and TMD

Orthodontic treatment can play a significant role in relieving the symptoms associated with TMJ and TMD. This can include jaw pain, restricted jaw movement, and addressing bite misalignments and related issues. Patients should actively communicate their concerns with their dentist when getting TMJ dental treatment. As a leading provider of jaw pain treatment, our team wants to ensure that patients are comfortable and have a good experience when treated. Since each case is unique and some patients may have specific concerns that need to be addressed, our team is readily available to answer any questions they may have.

Coming to a Dental Clinic for TMJ and TMD Pain Relief

When getting TMD treatment, it is important to visit a dental TMJ specialist for proper care. Our head dentist, Dr. Brandt Smith, will conduct an initial assessment to help determine the underlying cause of the problem. In severe cases, orthodontic treatments and surgery may be needed to realign the jaw and alleviate the symptoms of TMD. No matter the case, we understand TMD’s impact on our patient’s daily life. It can cause discomfort, affecting their overall sleep quality and hindering their eating and speaking ability.

Are you looking for a TMJ dentist? If so, visit Bell Road Family Dentistry when you need treatments for TMJ. Our team is ready to provide patients the care they deserve as we aim to be a leading dental TMJ specialist near you.