Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy in Montgomery, AL

Over 15 million teeth are saved each year with root canal therapy. Although root canal treatment is a common dental procedure, many patients still fear it. Fortunately, advances in technology and improvements in anesthetics have created almost pain-free root canal procedures. Many patients who receive root canal therapy at Bell Road Family Dentistry say they feel no pain or just a little pain, if any.

Dr. Brandt Smith works a comfortable experience when getting your root canal therapy in Montgomery, AL. Today, root canals can be done in just a single visit, unlike years back when it could take several long visits.

Who Needs Root Canal Therapy?

People with severe pain and discomfort when eating may need to be evaluated for root canal therapy. Again, if you have sensitivity to something hot or cold, you should see a dentist near you for evaluation. People with chipped, cracked, or tooth abscesses may also be candidates for root canals.

Root Canal Procedure

A dentist in Montgomery, AL, inspects your tooth and gives you anesthesia if required. When you have full numbness, the dentists place a protective sheet to isolate an area and keep it dry.

An opening within the crown provides access to the pulp region. The dentist cleans the damaged or infected pulp chamber along with the root canals and shapes the areas for filling. A biocompatible material is used to fill the root canals, and an adhesive cement is placed to ensure tight sealing. If any gaps exist, a temporary filling is added to seal them.

Lastly, a crown is mounted to bring back the tooth’s full function. A dentist near you will need around 90 minutes to perform root canal therapy near you.

After the Root Canal Treatment

After the treatment, there may be some pain. However, you shouldn’t be alarmed because it is common for people to have discomfort for one or several days following the procedure.

Talk to Dr. Brandt Smith at Bell Road Family Dentistry to see if you require root canal therapy near you!