Periodontal Treatment in Montgomery, AL

Even though we don’t always think about it, there’s more to our oral hygiene than just our teeth. Every part of our mouth affects how healthy we are overall. Neglecting even one part can put us at risk for various health problems. Just like we are at risk for plaque and bacteria on our teeth, the gums can also harbor plaque and bacteria. The longer plaque and bacteria are left on the gums, the more inflamed they become, leading to a red appearance, pain, and swelling. Over time, gum disease becomes more and more serious until it endangers the teeth and jawbone.

Dentist in Montgomery, AL, at Bell Road Family Dentistry, our dentist uses a range of periodontal treatments to keep your gums healthy and free of disease. Stop in today and ask the dentist how our periodontal treatment can help if you think you have gum disease or another gum-related problem.

Why Do I Need Periodontal Treatment?

Periodontal treatment is important to save your gums and the rest of your mouth from damage and for correcting cosmetic issues. For patients with gum disease, periodontal treatment is the most important way to correct gum disease and restore the mouth to a healthy state.

As it worsens, gum disease can cause your gums to slowly recede, exposing more and more of your teeth until, eventually, the tooth’s roots are exposed, leading to root damage, infection, and possible tooth loss. In the worst cases, gum disease can start to eat into the jawbone, necessitating both a gum and bone graft to repair the damage and save the teeth.

Periodontal treatment covers cleanings, gum grafts, and a cosmetic procedure known as gum contouring. Gum contouring is used for patients with excess gum tissue to expose more of their natural teeth and give them an even-looking smile. Stop by Bell Road Family Dentistry in Montgomery, AL, and ask if periodontal treatment is right for you.