Pediatrics Dentistry

Pediatrics Dentistry in Montgomery, AL

Bell Road Family Dentistry provides pediatric dental care in a friendly, warm, and entertaining environment for your children. Your visit to our dental clinic is truly educational as a parent. You will learn all the dos and don’ts of oral health for your kids and habits that promote and harm the kids’ oral health.

Once your kid attains three years of age, they must come in twice a year for checkups. From the first visit to the time they are three years old, Dr. Brandt Smith will be monitoring their oral health, the progress of their oral development, and strengthening good oral habits for the kid. Our dentistry for children focuses on issues such as deep cavities, improperly erupting teeth, misalignments, or even gum disease deep in the pockets.

Our Children’s Dentistry Services

Preventive Care – Good oral health is crucial for your kid’s health. Our dentist near you offers exams, mouth cleanings, sealants, and fluoride treatment. Again, our pediatric dentist in Montgomery, AL, also custom-makes mouthguards for sports that cushion the lips, teeth, and gums when your kid is playing sports.

Restorative Dentistry – Cavities are a chronic problem in early childhood. For this reason, our dentist in Montgomery, AL, offers restorative procedures such as white dental fillings, crowns, space maintainers, and nerve treatment.

Sedation Dentistry – Children who cannot tolerate dental care and those not yet ready to receive it can benefit from our sedation dentistry. Our pediatric dentist near you offers sedation dentistry to ensure your kid is comfortable. Kids fear dentists, but we work to tackle their anxiety and fear and make our dental office environment entertaining.

Visit Bell Road Family Dentistry to give your kid the dental care they deserve. At every step, our kids’ dentist near you guides and teaches you and the kid how to nurture a culture of good oral hygiene at home. Book an appointment with our children’s dentist near you today!