Partials and Full Dentures

Partials and Full Dentures in Montgomery, AL

After losing teeth, several options exist for replacing them, including dentures. Different types of dentures are available, including partials and full dentures in Montgomery, AL. At Bell Road Family Dentistry, we place dentures that last long. These restorations are ideal when you have lost several or entire teeth. Dr. Brandt Smith can place them in the lower or upper jaw.

Types of Dentures We Fit

The option of dentures that are right for you will depend on your oral health needs.

Full Dentures – We call these complete dentures, and they work to replace a whole arch of missing teeth. Our dentist in Montgomery, AL, places full dentures that rest atop the gums, relying on the mouth’s roof or the lower jawbone ridge to support them. A denture adhesive may be needed to support the appliance.

Partials – People with several or most teeth missing in one or both jaws can consider partial dentures. Similar to full dentures, these dentures are fabricated of a gum-colored base and artificial teeth. Partials rely on the underlying bone and gums for the needed support but in addition, they have clasps that a dentist near you hooks around the remaining natural teeth for added stability.

Fabricating and Fitting Dentures

Several steps are involved in the fabrication of dentures.

First, our dentist obtains dental impressions of the lower and upper jaws, including the gums and remaining teeth, to give a dental model for sculpting the dentures.

The dental technician making the dentures uses different materials to build the base of the dentures before adding the artificial teeth.

The dentures are polished to give a natural appearance and shine.

Once we receive the dentures, we carefully see if any areas exert excess pressure on the gums. If any, we make adjustments for the dentures. We schedule you for several visits aimed at checking if the dentures are fitting properly. The soft tissue in the mouth requires more time to conform to the dentures.

Visit Bell Road Family Dentistry when you lose teeth to let Dr. Brandt Smith determine whether partials and full dentures near you are a choice!