Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral Cancer Screenings in Montgomery, AL

A major reason why people die of oral cancer is that they fail to get it detected early on. A dentist in Montgomery, AL, checks the mouth frequently when you check in for routine inspections. As such, the dentist is better placed to discover mouth cancer than other health professionals. Bell Road Family Dentistry has a qualified team to identify cancer. Dr. Brandt Smith will ensure that your mouth is properly inspected, any signs of mouth cancer are established, and further tests and screening are done.

Oral cancer screenings in Montgomery, AL, are a great tool for ensuring that the disease doesn’t take hold of your health. Screening ensures you take precautionary measures and change your lifestyle to prevent cancer.

When to Get Screened

Identifying oral cancer can help increase the patient’s odds of having successful treatment. We recommend you visit for regular oral cancer evaluations to inspect the entire mouth. Adults above 20 years of age can visit our office every three years. Those over 40 years need annual screenings. If your family records incidents of cancer, it is safe to ensure you have more frequent screenings at our dental office.

How is Oral Cancer Screening Done?

In most cases, our dentist near you will see visible signs such as hard lumps, red and white bumps, changes in teeth positioning, and rough patches. Additionally, the dentist feels the cheeks and tissues inside the mouth using a glove. This way, our dentist in Montgomery, AL, can establish if you have any unusual or hard lumps in tissues that could indicate oral cancer.

Oral cancer impacts all parts of an individual’s mouth. Therefore, we make the examination a thorough one. Since technology continuously improves, we employ other techniques and tools to get accurate results.

Oral cancer screenings near you are done gently, and you expect no pain. In just a few minutes, we finish the screening process and advise the next steps. Visit Bell Road Family Dentistry to allow Dr. Brandt Smith to inspect your mouth!