Invisalign® in Montgomery, AL

Dr. Brandt Smith is committed to providing personalized, passionate, gentle dental care to all patients. We offer Invisalign® in Montgomery, AL, as an invisible way of straightening teeth and improving dental health. Having misaligned teeth can contribute to health, functional, and aesthetic problems.

Malocclusion issues can result in improper bite and unnecessary spacing that can trap food leftovers, causing bacterial plaque accumulation, resulting in decay and cavities. Bite misalignment is embarrassing for many people and can make it difficult to smile. At Bell Road Family Dentistry, we understand how crucial a straight smile is, and that is why we are dedicated to offering reliable solutions to your teeth misalignment problem.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Our dentist near you starts the process by doing a mouth inspection. We discuss your cosmetic goals with you to see if Invisalign can help. Once we ascertain that you are suited for Invisalign in Montgomery, AL, our dentist near you does the molding process. We create accurate models for your teeth using X-rays, photos, and digital scans. Custom aligner trays are then fabricated.

You will need another appointment to have your first tray fitted and get instructions on how you will fit the other trays at home. Our dentist in Montgomery, AL, may provide small mouth attachments within the teeth to keep the trays in place as you get used to them. After fitting the trays, we provide aftercare instructions.

We advise that the trays remain in the mouth for about 22 hours and at least 20 hours a day to see impressive results. Having the teeth shift to position takes a great deal of work. After 14 days, you will put in a new set of trays and continue changing the trays every fortnight until the desired results are obtained. Our Invisalign near you treatment takes 9 to 18 months, with some patients taking less or more than that timeframe.

Contact Bell Road Family Dentistry today to discover more about Invisalign and how it can help with misalignment and malocclusion issues. Dr. Brandt Smith will get you through the steps involved.