Dental Sealants

Dental Sealants in Montgomery, AL

Are you worried about your kid’s teeth and want to safeguard them from cavities? Sealants are crucial for ensuring cavities don’t damage teeth prematurely. At Bell Road Family Dentistry, we apply sealants to molars and other teeth. Despite regular flossing and brushing, decay in molars and other teeth with deep grooves is likely to occur. Dr. Brandt Smith advises you to come for sealants to give you a line of defense. We provide sealants in Montgomery, AL, for kids and adults.

What are Sealants?

They are a coating painted onto a tooth to provide a barrier from elements that cause decay, enamel erosion, and cavities. They are a preventive treatment and can help minimize tooth decay. Sealants are most effective in the first 24 months but offer protection for many years. They can help complement your brushing and flossing efforts. Sealants can protect the grooves and fissured areas that flossing and brushing can’t reach.

Dental Sealants Application Process

Before applying sealants, we ensure that any existing condition is treated. Applying the sealants takes just a little time, and the process causes no discomfort. Our dentist in Montgomery, AL, first cleans the teeth and prepares them for the sealant. The tooth surfaces are conditioned to ensure the sealants adhere to the surface.

Our dentist near you paints the roughening solution on the areas to be sealed. The surfaces are prepped again, and the sealant material is applied before drying. Once applied, sealants feel normal and are part of the enamel. They hold up well to the chewing force, lasting several years before receiving another application.

You can expect protection from sealants for up to a decade if you care for them properly. Come for dental cleanings and checks to ensure we inspect the teeth and sealants for any deformities.

Contact Dr. Brandt Smith at Bell Road Family Dentistry to schedule an appointment for dental sealants near you. We will answer any concerns you have about sealants.