Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings in Montgomery, AL

Maintaining a routine of brushing and flossing keeps the teeth, gums, and general oral health in ideal condition. The saliva inside the mouth is a natural cleanser, helping eliminate residual food leftovers, plaque, and acids. However, when elements like acids and bacteria remain in the mouth, a tooth can decay or get infected. You may require dental fillings in Montgomery, AL.

Dr. Brandt Smith performs dental fillings to repair teeth and rebuild their health and function. At Bell Road Family Dentistry, we provide color-matched fillings depending on your preferences and the status of the tooth damage. We help you establish the material of tooth fillings to use.

White Fillings

People are switching to white fillings due to health concerns. For patients that need color-matched fillings, we provide them. We have composite and porcelain; depending on what teeth need to be repaired, we can advise you appropriately on which material to use. White fillings are a choice because they blend very well with the color of teeth, making them unnoticeable.

Dental Fillings Procedure

Our dentist near you first numbs the areas. The tooth is also prepared by cleaning all bacteria and any infection present. We apply the filling material and polish the tooth. For resin fillings, we sculpt them into place before hardening them with light.

With porcelain fillings, the process is a little different. Instead of being immediately molded, shaped, and cured into a cavity, as with composite resin, porcelain fillings are fabricated in a lab and later cemented permanently onto a tooth.

After the procedure, our dentist in Montgomery, AL, gives you the aftercare tips to ensure the filling stays in place and isn’t damaged. Brush carefully and avoid anything that could dislodge or weaken them. Fillings can give you several years of use.

Contact Bell Road Family Dentistry to meet Dr. Brandt Smith, who will inspect your tooth to see what filling to perform. Our fillings in Montgomery, AL, will protect and strengthen your tooth. Visit us today!