Dental Extractions

Dental Extractions in Montgomery, AL

We tend to think teeth are indestructible. They are strong but can stand elements like acids, plaque, and tartar. A dentist in Montgomery, AL, has to pull a tooth because it is damaged or presenting problems to other healthy teeth, so it cannot be repaired. When there is crowding, Dr. Brandt Smith may perform extractions to make sufficient space for other teeth or prepare you for procedures such as Invisalign® and braces.

We provide simple and surgical tooth removals based on the nature of the damage or the tooth’s location. Our dentist near you will do everything necessary to save a tooth, but sometimes, pulling teeth is necessary to enhance your dental and physical health. We only do extractions near you when we find them necessary and important for oral health.

Simple Extractions

Our dentist near you does simple extractions when teeth are highly visible above the gum line. A tooth that is growing straight can easily be removed. The extraction is painless and quick. After waggling the tooth, we pull it gently and give you gauze to bite at to stop bleeding. After about three days, you should be able to resume your usual daily activities. If any pain persists, always get back to us.

Surgical Extractions

We do surgical extractions if a tooth has decayed badly or is impacted. Surgical extractions near you involve cutting open the gums and accessing the tooth to extract it. Our dentist can remove the tooth in whole or in pieces. We may provide sedation, such as oral conscious sedation, before removing the tooth to promote comfort and ensure a pain-free experience.

After the Procedure

Once you have received an extraction, you may have a sore and swollen mouth for a few days. We advise that you remain on a soft diet like ice cream, gelatine, yogurt, and mashed potatoes. Avoid anything hard likely to hurt the operated site. We may also prescribe over-the-counter medications to help relieve discomfort.

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