Dental Exams & Cleanings

Dental Exams & Cleanings in Montgomery, AL

At Bell Road Family Dentistry, we advise you to check in every six months so our dentist can perform oral exams and cleanings. Most dental problems occur silently, and only a dentist in Montgomery, AL, can spot them and ensure proper treatment is offered to eliminate them.

When you visit us, we take time to know what is happening inside your mouth. We check the structures in the mouth, including the bone, gums, and teeth. We have X-rays to check hidden problems like decay between teeth and tooth abscesses or tiny cracks.

Why Exams and Cleanings are Crucial

Our dentist in Montgomery, AL, emphasizes exams and cleanings near you because they allow us to catch oral issues in time. We can provide early intervention measures to prevent costly restorative treatments.

What Happens During Exams and Cleanings?

Dr. Brandt Smith does exams to inspect the mouth to identify potential issues. We check for signs indicating gum disease, tooth abscesses, decay, enamel erosion, cracks, and chips. We also check for oral cancer to ensure that treatment commences early on if it is present.

Additionally, we do cleanings to keep the mouth free of damaging bacteria, debris, plaque, and tartar. Removing tartar leaves the teeth looking brighter and gives you fresher breath. Exams and cleanings in Montgomery, AL, are the ideal way to prevent oral disease.

During the cleaning process, we use special tools that scrape off hardened tartar from above and below the gum line. We clean the pockets and the roots of teeth. Our dentist near you utilizes scaling and root planing to ensure that there is no plaque, tartar, deposits, and other elements that can contribute to decay and gum disease.

Depending on how we find your oral health, we can schedule you for regular checks or request you to come in more frequently for cleanings. Visit Dr. Brandt Smith today at Bell Road Family Dentistry to have your mouth checked and cleaned thoroughly. Contact us to set up an appointment!